Every day some or other video on the internet makes us laugh and relieves our stress and hectic schedule tiredness. However, today we haven’t found a hilarious video, but the comment under it will make you go, lol. It is a video of a street vendor making Dosa and serving it in style, stunning the viewers with his smooth moves.

The video of the street vendor’s wicketkeeper Dosa started with the man making five Dosas at a time. He used everything a typical dosa consists of, making it look mouth-watering. But it’s not the deliciousness of making it to the internet, but the way he served it in a swing passing to other workers, making users go “Woowww” It looked quite smooth and simple; however, it is not possible for some casual person. This man is making people go to his place to watch his talent as well as enjoy a crispy and tasty Dosa.

This video is shared on an Instagram account named @wefoodlover. And in the caption, “Tag a Dosa lover.” It has gathered more than 2 lakh views and several comments. A user commented sarcastically comparing him to former cricketer MS Dhoni and said, “Perfect competition for ms dhoni.” The second person said, “Style marke paise double hote.” The third praising his style, commented, “hat’s too much flick with ease .” While the fourth claimed it to be Rajinikant Dosa, he wrote, “This is Muthu Anna’s Rajanikanth style Dosa .” The fifth commented, “Wow that’s awesome .”

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