The groom is seen being fed a lighted cigarette by his father-in-law in a recent video of a Desi wedding ritual that has gone viral. Social media has been flooded with comments expressing shock and outrage over the video.

The groom is seated on a stage when the bride’s father walks up to him and places a lit cigarette in his mouth. The video, first posted on a popular social media platform, depicts this incident. The father-in-law’s admonishment to keep the cigarette in the groom’s mouth prevents him from doing so despite the groom’s obvious discomfort and apparent attempts to do so.

Several individuals have expressed their horror and disgust at the act, which has received widespread condemnation of the husband’s father’s actions. Some have urged that he be punished for what they have described as abuse.

Weddings in the Desi culture are often large, lavish occasions with several observed rites and customs. But, feeding a lit cigarette to the groom is not a standard component of the wedding ritual and is completely incorrect.

The episode has generated a lot of discussion on social media, with many users pointing out that such conduct is impolite and risky. It is wrong to compel someone to inhale cigarette smoke against their will because doing so can have harmful health effects.

Questions have also been made regarding the function of in-laws in Indian families. In-laws are frequently expected to be courteous and respectful to their new relatives. But events like this demonstrate that in-laws can cross the line and act in a way that is not just wrong but also damaging.

With over 5.7 million views and a tonne of Instagram user replies, the video has gone popular on social media. While some criticized the custom as “crazy,” others clarified that it is a long-standing custom in Gujarat, Odisha, and even Bihar to give the groom cigarettes and paan.

It is crucial that families have frank discussions about what is and is not appropriate conduct. When family members exhibit hurtful or disrespectful behavior, it is crucial to hold them responsible and take the proper action.

Source: Instagram