Check out the dog begins dancing as soon as its supper is delivered, as shown in the dog video, have a look.

Viral Video: A Dog Starts Dancing While He Sees Food; Netizens In Hysterics 791634

More than dancing cats, dancing dogs are a favorite on the internet. The Twitterati have been impressed over the past several days by one such dancing dog who bursts into a choreographed routine at the sight of food. The newest pet celebrity is Baker Barnes, a San Diego-based golden retriever. Above all things, he enjoys meals. He enjoys lakes and swimming, and he adores carrots. So every time his food comes, he starts dancing, much like the hero in any musical film.

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Social media fans were in stitches when they saw a dog dancing to celebrate the arrival of his food. In San Diego, California, Baker Barnes, a golden retriever, leads a “golden life.” Baker likes lakes, swimming, and carrots but enjoys supper best. He enjoys supper so much that he dances a jig to mark the occasion when it finally comes every night. People can’t stop praising Baker after seeing a video of him dancing as he sees his meal go popular on social media.

After being shared on ‘We Rate Dogs’ wildly on famous Twitter and Instagram pages, the video started to gather notice. First, it depicts Baker jumping up and down when he sees his owner coming down the stairs carrying his dinner. Then, obviously too thrilled to remain motionless, the dog starts tap dancing, charming thousands of people.

On Twitter, the video has received over 1.4 lakh views. Thousands of commenters used smiling face emojis and applauded the dog’s dance abilities.

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