Several amusing videos of youngsters are now circulating on social media. We’ve seen countless videos of these small ones doing elaborate dances and expressing things incorrectly yet confidently. In addition, seeing that film makes it difficult to grin. As a result, a wonderful video of a small girl protesting to her parents is now going viral.

A father-daughter bond is special. It’s full of love, laughter, and special requests from the daughters. A video of a father-daughter combo doing something similar is going viral, and the internet is enjoying it. In the adorable video, a child babbles while the child’s father attempts to make sense of it. This cute relationship will make you laugh out loud and brighten your day.

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Naira Mathur and Rahul Mathur uploaded the video on Instagram. The video opens with the youngster trying to explain something to her father. Her father’s answer to her explanation has gone viral. He tries and fails to comprehend his young kid. At one point, he says, “maaf kardo merko (please spare me)” He then asks her, “What is your pareshani (trouble),” in a humorous tone. Finally, after several failed attempts to understand the tiny one’s babble, he offers her a tight hug. It says ‘Can someone translate it?’ in the caption. At the moment, the video is becoming popular on social media. It has received over 8 million views and over 6 lakh 23 thousand likes as of the time of writing.

One user wrote, “Alexa! Please translate this. Meanwhile Alexa… trying to reach co-workers beyond Earth, Anyone who understands this, please revert back the translation Asap. .”

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