Young kids’ adorable actions often float over the internet. Sometimes they stun the users with their cute dance performances, while at times, their knowledge and intelligence come as a surprise. And today, such a video of a little boy sliding over the slide copying his aunt is going viral on the internet.

The video starts with the little boy’s aunt showing the little one how to climb the stairs and come over to the slide and enjoy it. Later the boy also did the same, but the interesting part is his reaction and the way he slept on the slide while sliding. This video is the sweetest treat on the internet today. An Instagram user named @eunjumaeng and captioned this video, “Aunt, let’s go♡ Coming down as a godchild after shouting a few times lol.”

Since being shared online, this video has accumulated 2.5 million views and more than 3.3 lakh likes. At the same time, many users commented on the post. A user wrote, “So cute baby just throws himself down and slides like mommy!!!.” “Baby just slipped I guess rather than slide,” said the second person. The third person commented, “Not gonna lie I wanna play here so bad .” The fourth wrote, “It’s a good workout the kid.” The fifth person said, “Moya~ I was about to cry when I fell down,,,, He is a strong man~~~”

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