Check out this viral video of a little girl singing while snowboarding on Instagram, have a look.

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Kids usually do something that makes others laugh. A video of a female doing this is becoming popular on the internet. As she walked down the street, this little girl was dressed in a flowery frock with a white blazer. Her hair was knotted like a signal tower, and her charming stride left observers speechless. The picture of the round face and clumsy little kid is currently all over the internet.

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing videos of kids having a good time? In one such viral video, a little girl is shown having fun while snowboarding smoothly, even though the activity may be physically demanding.

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In a video posted to Instagram by internet user Rowley Travels, a child clad in a rainbow and unicorn attire is shown happily performing the “number song” while her parents videotape her. She begins the song with “1-2 buckle my shoe, 3-4 shut the door,” then continues with the tune. When approaching numbers nine and ten, she realizes she has gained too much speed on her snowboard and cries, “Too much speed, aaah!” before falling on the snow. The video is too cute to pass up.

The shared video has received over four million views and 3.5 million likes. The caption noted how the video became popular across social media platforms.

This video was worth viewing, and it also helped you reduce tension. Children are the most wonderful beings in the world. Their innocence and fun demeanor frequently cause others to forget their problems and laugh.

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