Pets do so much for their owners! Their tasks are certainly difficult, ranging from being charming to assisting their owners in relieving stress. That’s why the family’s four-legged members require special attention from time to time. If you are a pet parent, you understand the pure delight of spoiling your pet. Now, a video of three cats on a coffee date with a guy in New York City has become popular on the internet.

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The video, shared on Instagram, shows three cute felines named Sponge Cake, Mocha, and Donut. We know the names are enough to make you want to pet them right away, but wait until you see the video. The video shows the three felines enjoying a fantastic day in NYC. The cats can smell several food items and then be rewarded with treats as the video progresses. The video is nothing less than a mood lifter. The video is captioned, “Would you like to join us for coffee in NYC?.”

The video has received over 649k likes and many comments. People couldn’t stop pouring love into the comments sections. One user wrote, “Oh my these 3 down to earth babies….why are u so good How that u tamed them to be so behaved & polite ” and another wrote, “Save a spot for me! .”

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