Videos of animals performing strange things never fail to catch people’s curiosity. As in this video of a pigeon ‘doing’ many backflips, we are not kidding when we say this video can make your jaw drop.

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A pigeon does a backflip in a video that has gone popular on social media. The pigeon with a white and blue patch on its body may be seen first expanding its wings and then completing the backflip three times. And the accomplishment is achieved with the bird’s wings spread. However, several fans were disappointed by the footage since it appeared that the bird was not performing this act for the first time.

Several birds can be seen strolling and playing in the now-viral footage. Yet, one bird has piqued everyone’s interest. What is the cause, you may wonder? It can be seen in the video executing back-to-back backflips beautifully. The Buitenge bieden captioned the post, “Pigeon doing backflips..” The video was published on February 12. The video has had over 1.8 million views since it was shared, and the figure is still growing.

After witnessing this video, netizens were startled and flooded the comment section with their reactions. One Twitter user wrote, “Hey, it’s the pigeon version of the Moon Walk!!!.”

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