There are many gorgeous baby videos online, and there is no denying that kids are the most beautiful creatures. This well-known video will leave you speechless if you appreciate spending time with kids. You did hear it right. This lovely little munchkin is trending online due to a recent video.

Parents employ a variety of techniques to make their children laugh and chuckle. Some of these activities include bouncing youngsters on the lap and giving them rides on the back that resemble horses. Indian parents also regularly carry their children on their shoulders. Youngsters that do this have a great perspective and sense of affection.

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Growing up in an Indian family, one is accustomed to hearing mothers gripe about their kids’ lack of assistance in the kitchen. Although it can be challenging to win over desi mums, a video of a young chef creating an egg sandwich is sure to do the trick.

The video was posted to Twitter by the ‘Figen’ page with the accompanying caption: ‘Sweet baby chef.’ In the video, a young child is seen roasting a piece of bread while seated in front of a hot plate. The young child next cracks an egg and creates a sunny side up before placing it on a lettuce leaf within the baked bread.

About 966k people have watched the adorable video, receiving 14.3k likes and countless comments. While many people were surprised by the toddler’s abilities, many Twitter users worried about the child’s safety. Several others believed the child should be under an adult’s supervision while engaging in such activities.

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