Check Out a mind-blowing bust of Natalie Sideserf, which was made from the cake by a cake artisan. You'll be astounded by her baking prowess.

Viral Video: A Woman Making An Amazing Selfie Cake Will Blow Your Mind; Watch! 791055

The internet is full of incredible food-related stuff. We can’t help but binge-watch these films on repeat, which range from quick and simple kitchen tricks to amazing delicacies prepared by professionals. Food bloggers and influencers have established a specialized audience, and their readers are familiar with their content. For example, Amaury Guichon, a pastry maker, crafts fantastical, larger-than-life sculptures out of chocolate.

Cake artist Natalie Sideserf will astound you with her incredible baking abilities. She sculpted herself into a bust out of cake and cream. If Natalie is present, you won’t be able to distinguish the difference between Natalie and a statue. However, the selfie cake perplexed everyone because she expertly caught the model’s intricate nuances. Natalie Sideserf, a different food artist, makes cakes in a distinctive way that resembles various household items.

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In the video she shared on her Instagram account, the young cake decorator is seen holding the cakes in various positions, first in front of herself to make it appear as though it is really her face, then holding it to her right. You understand that her creation is actually a cake when a slice is seen being pulled off its forehead. The internet applauds Ms. Sideserf for her innovation. Natalie Sideserf shared the selfie cake video on her Sideserf Cake Studio Instagram page. “Hope you’re having a weird Monday,” the caption on the video says.

Additionally, Sideserf Cakes has a website and social media accounts where the creator frequently posts videos of her work and answers questions on how to start crafting hyper-realistic cakes. The video that was previously shared has over 50 million views.

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