Take a look at a popular video of a woman throwing a baby shower for her pet dog.

Viral Video: A Woman Performs Baby Shower For Her Pet Dog With Traditional Rituals 788580

Humans and dogs get along wonderfully. This link is strengthened through mutual respect, affection, and trust. Humans typically show their love for animals by feeding and caring for them. Similarly, dogs are known for their dedication and affection for their human counterparts.

The way dogs wag their tails, lick their owners’ cheeks, and snuggle up to them demonstrates this relationship. Likewise, dog owners pay attention to, play with, walk, and indulge their pets. This cute relationship is a great example of the profound bonds that can form across many animals, and it is a joy to see.

Most individuals regard their dogs as family members and will go out of their way to celebrate significant milestones with them, just like this woman who gave her pet dog a baby shower. Yes, you read that correctly! Not only that but in the popular video, she also feeds stray pets. Netizens are in awe of her caring gesture and have shared wonderful comments on the video.

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The now-viral video starts with the caption, “Baby shower for my cutie.” As the video proceeds, the woman can be seen putting a chunni around her dog, wearing a garland around her neck, and applying tilak to her forehead. She even prepares and feeds thalis for stray dogs after the film. In addition, the joyful owner created homemade food for other street dogs to commemorate the happy event and fed them.

The video has received over 6.5 million views since being published on Instagram. It has also accumulated several comments and love-struck emojis.

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