What would you do if an alligator appeared in front of you? Most people would probably seek the nearest exit in order to get as far away from the reptile as possible. However, Jay Brewer is not one of them. His Instagram feed is loaded with videos and photographs of him hanging out with such scary creatures as Prehistoric Pets in Fountain Valley, California. Like this one, which depicts him holding an alligator while lying down on the floor. There’s a possibility you’ll find the video entertaining to watch.

“When Darth Gator wants to be the BIG BOY and play,” he wrote in the video, which he shared. The video begins with the enormous alligator resting on top of Brewer on the floor. It remains like this for a few seconds before moving on. Brewer can be seen introducing the alligator to the Instagram family. She is seen resting on the floor while the alligator is on top of her. The gator urinated on her as she was cuddling it, which was unexpected in the footage.

The video was published months ago. The video has received over 1.3 lakh likes since it was shared, and the number is growing. People have left a variety of remarks in response to the sharing.

“It’s hilarious Darth is sort of adorable,” one Instagram user commented. “OK, but I also want to hug the swamp dog,” another user said. “Darth is doing his duty and having fun with Jay,” a third wrote.