Anand Mahindra's 30-second video depicts a lovely little puppy grooving to Indian classical dancing music, have a look.

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Animals, particularly dogs, are the cutest creatures on the planet. Dogs are the most loving animals you will ever meet. They are extremely clever, kind, and genuine. Soldiers utilize their superior sense of smell to help them solve challenging situations. Every day, the internet is treated to a few adorable videos of dogs doing amusing things and making viewers chuckle amid their hectic schedules and stressful days. And we stumbled across just such a video for today.

Dog videos are typically fascinating since they capture the dogs’ amusing actions. Man’s best friend may always be depended on to put a smile on our faces. Dogs can do everything from skateboarding to dancing to singing. This video of a dog at the beach recently won over viewers while making them chuckle. But, of course, the video may also make you giggle.

Via his social media posts, industrialist Anand Mahindra never fails to provide us with the most interesting stuff. The Mahindra Group Chairman, who has over 10.4 million Twitter followers, routinely piques their attention with amusing, instructive, and uplifting postings. On Saturday, the media-savvy social businessman turned to Twitter to post a video of one of the internet’s favorite topics: dogs.

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Mr. Mahindra shared the video as part of his Wonder Box series. The 30-second video shows a lovely puppy grooving to Indian classical dancing music. The video is captioned, “This showed up in my #wonderbox. Don’t know the young lady & her furry musical friend. Sharing it because it made my weekend. Maybe the pooch will stage an Arangetram one day?.”

The video begins with a young woman carrying a cute Beagle dog. In the background, one can hear wonderful Indian traditional dancing music. The dog appears to appreciate the music as it shakes its head from side to side and makes hilarious faces. Meanwhile, the woman holding it is amused by the dog’s cute bobbling and busts out laughing. Importantly, Arangetram is a student’s first performance after completing his or her training in Indian classical dance or music. The video has received over 243 lakh views, 7523 likes, and over 647 retweets since it was shared. Online fans adored the movie, and many claimed it brightened their day.

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