There are countless videos of adorable newborns online, and it is undeniable that children are the most beautiful beings. If you enjoy spending time with children, you’ll swoon over this well-known video. Indeed, you did hear it correctly. Due to a recent video, this adorable little munchkin has gained internet attention.

The best baby videos ever are readily available on the internet. A viral video shows a little child learning to take his first steps. But, as opposed to what was expected, he starts dancing instead of moving.

Children are perceptive and frequently pick up on the habits and behaviors of those around them. To pick up new skills, they are frequently observed emulating the behavior of adults. A young girl who posted a video on Instagram of herself emulating her aunt’s ballet dance has melted the hearts of many people. The youngster, learning to walk, tries to imitate her aunt’s ballet movements. The young child, wearing a t-shirt, was observed performing several ballet steps as she pranced around her living room.

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View Instagram Post 1: Viral Video: Baby Adorably Mimics Her Aunt's Dancing Ballet; Internet Melts

The video opens with Laura, the baby’s aunt, performing a cartwheel. She then pauses and challenges her niece to do the same by pointing at her. Next, the young child tries to mimic her aunt by touching the ground. She even claps for herself after the step. Next, the girl’s aunt spins around and executes another ballet move. Once again, the assured toddler succeeds in the step and applauds for herself while grinning sweetly.

The video has more than 8.7 lakh views and many comments since it was shared. The toddler received love from onlookers, who were also moved by her confidence.

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