Animals are the loveliest thing on the earth. They are the most lovable creatures. They are extremely intelligent, passionate, and truthful. Armies assist them in solving certain difficult problems due to their exceptional sense of smell. Every day, the Internet witnesses a few lovely videos of chimpanzees doing hilarious things and making the viewers smile amid their hectic schedules and stressful days. And we discovered such a video for today.

A video of a chimp in track pants kissing a woman has become popular on the internet. Chimpanzees are not only attractive and amusing, but they also have a lot of affection to share with everyone. This new popular video demonstrates that humans do not always express tremendous emotions. So if you’re having a bad day at work, this new video will quickly lift your spirits. Have you ever seen a chimp strike a pose with a human? If not, you will like this new viral video.

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In the popular video, a woman sits on a swing while a chimp wearing track pants sits near her. The chimpanzee can be seen posing with the woman, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and kissing her face. Not only that, but the chimp holds her hand and stands for the photo like a genuine gentleman. The chimps then stand on her shoulder and grin. Finally, he returns and tightly embraces her and kisses her cheeks. Yogesh Rauniyar captioned the viral video, “Wait For End!”

Yogesh Rauniyar, an Instagram user, posted a video of a woman who had just visited Safari World in Bangkok, Thailand, and had a photo shoot with a monkey. On Instagram, a short video has gotten more than 258,196 likes.

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