Dogs go much beyond being simple pets. They make us feel better in more ways than we can imagine. Dogs make us feel special and brighten our terrible days with licks, cuddles, and love. Sometimes all it takes to brighten someone’s day is a dog cuddle. What is there not to love? They are adorable and affectionate and will sit still for caressing without objecting. A recent web video that emphasizes the same was published. In it, two dogs are shown doing their best: praising everyone around them. The video touches people’s hearts and could do the same for you.

Watch The Video Here –

The video, posted by Buitengebieden to Twitter, depicts two dogs perched atop a table. The canines are being groomed while being surrounded by older people. The dogs appear to be enjoying themselves while hanging out with the elderly, and the video will make you smile endlessly.

The video has already received over 1 million views, and the numbers are rapidly rising. People couldn’t stop mentioning how much serotonin dogs can produce. Many argued that these visits from therapy dogs should be required in hospitals and elder living facilities to lift residents’ spirits.

One user wrote, “The people who train and own therapy dogs are the best people on Earth. Seriously” and another wrote, “Pet therapy is the greatest. I had two Pomeranians I trained and took them to a local children’s hospital for visits. Was one of the most rewarding things ever.”

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