Parents are the best defenders of their children and will go to any extent to save them. Animals, too, have strong protective instincts and feelings. One such video has reappeared on social media, showing elephants attempting to save their dying calf in a pool of water. The footage was uploaded by a user called Gabriele Corno from Seoul Zoo in South Korea.

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In the video, a small elephant and its mother are sipping water from a pool when the calf slips into it. The mother elephant panics and tries to bring the baby elephant out of the water. Fortunately, another elephant comes to the scene to aid the mother and youngster. The third elephant was observed running furiously behind the compound, attempting to reach the other two elephants and aid them in rescuing the baby elephant.

Meanwhile, the baby elephant was straining to keep its trunk above water and appeared to be drowning. Soon after, the two adult elephants join forces and enter the pool. They keep the calf from drowning and guide it toward the pool’s shallow end. Their efforts were rewarded since the calf was rescued.

The video has gotten over 879.9k views, 4,393 retweets, and over 26k likes since it was uploaded. The footage touched viewers, who praised the elephants’ fast thinking and selflessness in saving the calf’s life.

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