Animals often make us feel touched by their innocent behavior. These videos are worth watching and often go viral. Animals are sweet, honest, and kind creatures of nature. And many times, they teach us things that humans cannot. And such a video we found today on the internet where a white tiger and Chimpanzee were hugging each other.

In the video, a royal white tiger is hugging the Chimpanzee who is sleeping down. While the Chimpanzee also hugged him back closely, this seems like a most soothing thing today. The pure bond, kindness, and care they both felt and held each other is just so relaxing and pleasing to the eyes. Where in the world are humans stabbing their family members? These different species of animals share a great bond. This video is on the account name @theroyalwhitetiger.

The users also found this amazing and shared their opinions in the comments. A user said, “This is so freaking adorable!! .” “What friendship, affection and love, unlikely but not impossible. Here’s the proof that opposites attract!!!!! Life takes us by surprise !!! ,” said the second. “That is too cute things a monkey and a baby tiger white tiger, especially sweet, but they could be could be fighters,” the third commented.

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