In this Instagram video, a father presents his little kid with a football and a goalpost, and the child grows up to be an accomplished player, have a look.

Viral Video: Toddler Has Scored Goals In Soccer Since Birth; Amazes The Internet 790886

It’s a dream of every sports fan to become a renowned athlete as a role model. Many athletes also work on such a strategy; various footballers and cricket players are two examples. To accomplish these objectives, they usually introduce sports to their kids at an early age. People who are ardent sports fans want their kids to be involved in the same sports as well. They hope their children will follow in their footsteps and become successful adults. This football-obsessed father may have gone too far as he bought a ball and a goalpost for his child. The infant has been kicking the ball into the net to score goals since birth.

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The boy is called Luca Read, and ever since he was a little child, his father has videotaped him scoring goals. The child also maintains an active Instagram account; according to his bio, he has more than 22.2k followers. Luca Read’s Instagram bio indicates that he supports the English team Manchester United. According to the text overlay on the video, “POV: ur dad buys you a ball and goal.”

The youngster can be seen growing from a tiny newborn to a young toddler in a recent video, scoring goals. Throughout the film, he may be seen kicking the ball into goals at various times. While he was still learning how to walk, he was already skilled at kicking the ball into the goal.

The video has 14 million views and almost 1.7 million likes. In addition, there are multiple videos of Baby Luca playing football, who appears to be a devoted supporter of Manchester United.

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