Kids are the most beautiful creatures, as seen by the countless videos online of adorable babies. If you enjoy spending time with children, you will be amazed by this well-known video. Indeed, you did hear it properly. This adorable kid has gained popularity online thanks to a recent video. These links offer some of the cutest baby movies ever made.

Some foods and flavors appeal to people of all ages. Whether it’s French fries or cola, chocolate or cheese, chips or even candy, these are foods we’ll enjoy no matter how old we are. So wouldn’t it be difficult to resist if someone put a bunch of candy bars in front of you and told you not to eat them? This is the exact experiment that two parents performed on their twin toddlers. In a highly amusing viral video, two babies were placed in a room with a table full of candy. The Pubity named account recently shared a video of two toddlers on Instagram that will make your day.

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The twin babies were left alone in a room in the lovely footage. Their father offered precise instructions, urging the children to wait for him and his wife to return before consuming the candy placed in front of them. When the couple left the room, the babies exchanged naughty smiles and proceeded to eat the candy! People’s faces lit up when they saw them eat the forbidden candy. “This video of these babies communicating without words is everything,” read the caption.

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