Kids always do some or the other stuff, which makes people laugh. And such a video of a girl is going viral on the internet. This baby girl walked on the road in a floral dress with a white jacket. Her hair was tied like a signal tower, and her adorable walk made viewers go awestruck with her cuteness. The round face and clumsy little girl are now floating all over the internet.

This video is shared on an account named @bellasamnang. The video has the caption, “Look at Bella drama happy and sad.” Small kids often throw such tantrums and make us go, lol. Since being shared, the video has accumulated 1.7 lakh views. At the same time, many users spammed the account in the comments section. Let’s check out how the netizens are reacting to this little viral buddle of happiness.

A user said, “My first wish after married I have a daughter like her how cute she is .” The second person commented, “That’s the most funniest thing I’ve seen all day .” “How is her hair staying up like that?! ,” questioned the third person in the comments. Another hilariously said, “Hope the signal is ok baby..”

Certainly, this video was worth watching and also helped you relieve stress. Kids are the best thing in the world. Their innocence and playful behavior often make the people forget their problems and have a little laughter. If you enjoyed reading this piece, please follow for more future updates.