A video of a gigantic crab ripping a golf club in half has gone insanely viral on social media. On YouTube, the video has received over 9000 views.

Giant Crab Snapping A Golf Club In Half Has Gone Viral

A group of golfers on Australia’s Christmas Island were terrified after spotting a colossal crab that smashed a golf club in half. A giant robber crab was mounted on a bag of golf clubs in a video posted to Reddit on January 2. On social media, the hair-raising video has gone crazy viral.

Local Paul Buhner told NCA NewsWire that he and his companions found the gigantic crab on their way back after putting on their sixth hole on Christmas Island. Buhner shot the video in October 2020 and was taken aback when he discovered it on the internet in January 2022. This occurred after his kid forwarded the video to a friend.

A gigantic crab is seen grasping the end of a man’s golf club in footage recorded on the golf course. The rambunctious invader can be seen clinging to the golf club in the footage, despite a man named AI attempting to evict it. He has little success with it, though, because it retains its tight grip on it. The enormous robber crab can be seen snapping the club in half in another area of the film.

Kerry Buhner, Paul’s wife, also posted the video to YouTube. “Golf on Christmas Island can be risky. My husband Paul Buhner filmed this amazing sight during Friday Men’s Golf on Christmas Island in 2020 (sic),” the caption of the video reads.

Source- India Today