Three Ways to Get Simple Oreha Fusion Material in Lost Ark Click here to learn more

If you’ve recently hit tier three and are looking to level up your items, one obstacle you may face is collecting additional Simple Oreha Fusion Material. While you can get Stone Crystals and Leapstones from Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids, you will not be able to gain Oreha Fusion Materials from them. In Lost Ark, this guide will show you how to obtain Simple Oreha Fusion Materials.

In Lost Ark, there are three basic ways to gain Simple Oreha Fusion Material:

Working on your Stronghold’s Crafting

Purchasing items from Mari’s Secret Shop

Buying from an auction house

The most cost-effective way to gather Fusion Materials is to construct them in your Stronghold. For each batch of Oreha Fusion Material you manufacture, you will receive 30 Oreha Fusion Material pieces. However, there are a few actions that must be taken beforehand. First, at your Stronghold’s research lab, look into a Fusion Material crafting process. You will have the option of fishing, digging, or hunting. These selections will define the elements needed to create the substance as well as how you obtain each component. After completing the study, the crafting recipe will be available in your Stronghold’s Workshop under “Special.” Depending on the choice you chose, you will require various crafting materials and gold.

To make the Fusion Material, you’ll need common, uncommon, and rare crafting components from several trade skills. If you are unable to locate uncommon or rare materials, you can bring common-grade goods to the Roster Resource Exchange NPC. The NPC may be found southwest of the Trade Merchant in your Stronghold. You may trade the items for Trade Skill Powder, which you can then use to purchase uncommon and rare things.

If you do not want to harvest the goods, you may purchase Simple Oreha Fusion Material at the auction house or Mari’s shop. However, depending on which you use, it will cost either gold or blue gems. If you simply need a tiny amount, one of these approaches will suffice.


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