Ajay got to notoriety for his live streaming of Garena Free Fire, a famous battle royale game in India that was released after PUBG was banned. Complete Gaming is the most subscribed Indian gaming YouTube channel at the moment.

According to several reports, Ajay, also known as Total Gaming, Ajju, or Ajju Bhai, is an Indian gaming YouTuber with an estimated net worth of 5 crores ($600,000-$650,000) and an annual salary of up to 8-15 lakhs ($10,000-$19,000).

Despite Ajay being known as the most successful and subscribed gaming YouTuber in India, Miss Malini, a prominent Indian Page 3 magazine, reports that YouTube is not Ajay’s primary career. Together with his YouTube career, he also works as a software engineer, freelance developer, and growth hacker.

Because he did not have a high-end mobile that could handle the requirements of more demanding games like PUBG, Ajay was first introduced to video games through his mobile phone, where he used to play Clash of Clans in 2015.

After the Indian government’s prohibition on a number of Chinese apps, PUBG was banned and made unavailable via Indian ISPs under the guise of security and privacy concerns. This left a hole in the Indian gaming market, which was immediately filled by battle royale games such as Garena Free Fire and BGMI, which was essentially a rip-off of PUBG. After observing several of his friends playing Garena Free Fire in 2018, his urge to play the game was only limited by his capacity to obtain a high-end mobile phone capable of supporting it.

Ajay then began playing Free Fire on his PC and, after understanding the game’s complexities and intricacies, wanted to show the world his skill at the game. He chose to enter YouTube after learning the game fundamentals and launched two channels on October 9, 2018, under the names Total Gaming and Ajay Verse.

All of his YouTube channels are presently focused on gaming and have a combined subscriber base of over 42 million, with a mind-boggling seven billion views.

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Source: Sportskeeda