A texting software called Plato includes enough games to keep you interested for the entire time. Along with texting, Plato offers a variety of games that you may play with your friends directly from the chat window. Additionally, the app allows you to play games with your friends in a group and has no advertisements. Here is our opinion after giving Plato a try.


You won’t use Plato as a regular means of communication. The messaging feature of the app only allows for text communication; sending photos, stickers, or GIFs is not supported. When you’re playing a game, the chat interface is still functional. This is fantastic for the turn-based games on the app, like Bowling, Archery, or Golf, which allow participants to communicate while waiting for their turn.

Group gaming

Gaming in groups, where players can form a group of more than two and join the same game. The majority of Plato group games allow for up to four people. Playing video games with others is fun, and there is no risk of getting bored due to a lack of options because of the wide variety of games available.


Plato is a winner after trying out the in-chat gaming options from Facebook and Snapchat, partly because of its wide range of games and multiplayer features. Even if you choose not to pay for additional features, the app is ad-free, which significantly improves the experience and makes it more delightful. Additionally, the fact that it works on both iOS and Android platforms allows friends who use different platforms to participate.