Beginner's Guide To Call Of Duty Warzone

How To Play Call Of Duty Warzone For Beginners

You’ve come to the correct place if you want to start strong with the current season of the ever-popular Call Of Duty: Warzone. Here are 70 Call Of Duty: Warzone strategies for surviving and killing in Verdansk. Let’s get started! We’ve got a lot of good stuff here, so let’s get started! In Warzone, the first skill you master is how to land effectively.

The quickest landing method is determined by the distance you wish to go. To learn how to land precisely every time, check out our in-depth Warzone how to land quickly guide! If you cut your chute while flying high above the ground, you’ll have a few seconds to shoot with your starter pistol.

This means that it’s generally preferable to fall slightly above those around you, allowing you to harass or perhaps murder them into landing early. Your chute will auto-deploy just before hitting the ground if you haven’t cut it during the drop. If your chute has been severed, however, this auto-deploy will not work, and you’ll have to remember to deploy manually to avoid a sudden and painful death.

Get some great beginning weaponry, find and use Armor Plates to maximise your HP, and then save up enough money to buy a Loadout Drop Marker from a Buy Station in the first few minutes after landing (more on this below). In Warzone, there’s no easy method to change the order of your two weapons.