Valve’s Steam Deck packs a powerful punch; it’s a superb on-the-go gaming PC that everyone covers. It may also serve as a substitute for a mid-range PC or even a gaming laptop. Most people are unaware that the device can show resolutions greater than the standard 16:10 resolution of 1280×800.

You must have installed the Steam Deck June 2, 2022 update to perform this. This update allows you to alter the resolution without entering Desktop Mode.

It’s worth noting that changing the resolution also increases the amount of power available from the Steam Deck. It’s not advised unless you’re hooked into an outlet or have a portable battery with enough watts to keep you gaming.

How to Increase the Resolution in Steam Deck Games

1. Make sure you have downloaded all of the Steam Deck updates. You will not be able to change the resolutions if you have not done so.

2. Once you’ve installed all of the updates, go to the game you wish to alter the resolution in.

3. Once you’ve discovered the game whose resolution you wish to modify, navigate to the properties area.

4. You will now be sent to the advanced properties panel. Navigate to the “General” tab.

5. There will be a section for “Game Resolution” in the General section, which is what has to be altered

6. Change the default resolution to the one you wish to see in-game.

7. Next, make sure the box next to “Set resolution for internal and external display” is checked.

8. After that, you may play the game normally.

When you first start the game, you’ll see that not only is the default resolution of 1280×800 gone, but you may also choose higher resolutions.

Source:laptop mag