Check out these 3 games that will not only pass your time but also make you think smarter.

Playing These 3 Video Games Will Make You Think Smart

Can you get smarter by playing video games? It all depends on the game or genre you are playing, I suppose. Research has repeatedly demonstrated the many advantages of gaming and how it influences and develops the mind. Let’s quickly review a few of them.

More effective hand-eye coordination
Improves ability to communicate and work in a team environment
Better memory and concentration
Increases mental acuity
Increases the ability to multitask
Helps with decision-making and rapid thinking

That’s a lot to take in, yet certain games have been made with these advantages in mind, even though not all games are created equal. Remember that playing video games can be hazardous to your health and can even be dangerous. Keep it in check, and only play when you have free time. A fantastic time.

1.100 Logic Games

The programme has 100 logic-based games, as the name would imply. A variety of light games to keep you occupied for some time. These are puzzle games that call for the use of reasoning, logic, and common sense. The creator, Andrea Sabbatini, is well known for creating similar games. This game is available for free download, but it contains ads that can be disabled with an in-app payment.

2. Tricky Test 2

When Tricky Test first came out, it was a runaway success, inspiring its eagerly anticipated sequel. A number of rather simple puzzles are included with it. In actuality, they are dead simple, but avoiding being duped is tough! One of those games when the solution seems too simple to be accurate. Most individuals assume something is simple only to discover that there is another, equally obvious solution that they had never considered. It’s a puzzle that will make you smile and make you want to share it with—or rather, challenge—your friends requires the use of creativity.

3. Peak

Another game to amuse yourself while exercising your brain. Peak will undoubtedly pique your curiosity with exercises created by educators and neuroscientists from Cambridge and New York Universities. Your short-term memory, cognitive abilities, coordination, and attention span will all increase as a result of the slow-moving brain exercises. Uncertain about where to start? It has a built-in coach to assist you. The games are straightforward but entertaining.