IS Fortnite based on a true event? Read below to find out

Why Fortnite Players Believe The Game Is Inspired By A "Real Story"

According to some Fortnite gamers, the Battle Royale game is based on true events. This is exceedingly unlikely considering the game revolves around a massive Storm that engulfs people and kills them if they remain in it for too long. Not to add that there have been countless Battle Royales before Fortnite.

The Battle Royale game from Epic Games isn’t based on real events, but it does draw influence from other sources. Unfortunately, nowadays, people will believe practically anything. Many dubious rumours regarding what the game might be founded on have appeared throughout the years and especially in Fortnite.

Some gamers suspect that at least a few of these stories are accurate based on these stories. Furthermore, because there is no background behind all this, some just assert that it is based on a story as fact.

One Twitter user attracted a lot of attention with a now-deleted tweet. They claimed that 100 persons were deported to a secluded island in 1886. They would have had to murder each other until only one person remained, and the last one standing won a metal umbrella. Of course, this corresponds to the umbrellas awarded to those who complete their 1st Victory Royale of the season. Even though it was total nonsense, some individuals believed it to be real.

After switching on from the blockbuster shooter title Gears of War, Epic Games was able to cash in with the Battle Royale genre. With the popularity of PUBG growing, it was inevitable that they would try to usurp the BR crown.

Fortnite isn’t the first battle royale game, nor will it be the final, but it appears to have mastered the formula.

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