Let’s look at the horoscope of this week…

Horoscope of this week (18 March – 24 March)

Aries Mar 21 to Apr 19

When you finally get some respite regarding some situations you will always feel happy and positive and that is what is happening this week. Think of where your loyalties lie and then be true to those people in your life suggests your cards. Health is better this week as your planet mars get stronger.

Taurus Apr 20 to May 20

When the going gets tough the tough get going and this seems to be more and more applicable to you for this week. Your stars indicate that it is a slightly weak period for you and you need to be patient with certain things as your Saturn is weak at the moment. What matters most in life is how you see yourself.

Gemini May 21 to Jun 20

You will decide to dive into your heart's desire this week and not bother what other people are telling you. You could fall deeply in love with someone says your Moon and you will be willing to make any sacrifices for your loved one. The family will need your support suggests your cards you need to be there for them.

Cancer Jun 21 to Jul 22

Maybe it's time to make a decision which you have been avoiding for a long time says your cards. You know you need to be careful as far as your finances are concerned as you might land up splurging this week. Keep a positive perspective towards your family matters as that will help to change the situation.

LEO Jul 23 to Aug 22

The love bug has bitten you hard and you can't seem to escape it says your Venus. You will have a special connect with your siblings this week and it is important for you to have a bond with them. You will get some spending money this week and that will bring about some respite for you.

Virgo Aug 23 to Sep 22

This week sees you feeling a bit better for those who have been having some health issues. Mentally you could be a little confused about certain professional decisions. Some of you might decide to change jobs or your profession. Some family member will support you during some important issue says your planet, Mercury.

Libra Sep 23 to Oct 22

Think about what you really feel and try and express that to your partner this week. For those who are single and looking for a partner, you will have to wait a bit says your Venus. Money matters are however more positive and some pending money comes through. You may decide to go an extra mile and do something special for your child or children.

Scorpio Oct 23 to Nov 21

Money will be of utmost importance this week as you want to clear a lot of old debts. You will be concentrating on career and you will have little time for love. You might not even have much time to relax this week as your work diary is hectic. You will concentrate on your health and will try to bring about changes to improve your health.

Sagittarius Nov 22 to Dec 21

You are finally able to see things in a clearer light and you will be able to make certain decisions accordingly says your Mercury planet. You will not be looking for something on the personal front this week as you feel a break is required to resolve any issues if there says your Mars planet.

Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 19

Work is worship but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and that is exactly what might happen to you this week. You need to strike a balance says your Moon. Your Uranus also suggests that you like someone but due to ego issues you are avoiding contact with that person.

Aquarius Jan 20 to Feb 18

You will be upset about certain situations in your life but won't be able to fully express it this week says your Saturn planet. There could be certain delays in travel plans says your cards. The good news is it's a good week for students and you will be happy with certain results. Yoga and meditation will be important to you and you will try and incorporate the same.

Pisces Feb 19 to Mar 20

You might want to avoid certain people on the personal front and you will make your actions quite clear this week says your Moon planet. This week however you will be at your creative best and will be quite appreciated for the same. Some old friends might try to reconnect with you this week.

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