Let’s check out how the week pans out for you

Aries Mar 21 to Apr 19

You will be very emotional at the moment especially regarding children or something emotional. For men, the week is positive because you will benefit on the work as you have got the card of king of swords. Your Venus planet is well placed this week meaning that you could land up starting a relationship or benefit of the same says your cards. For some, friendships may turn into love.

Taurus Apr 20 to May 20

You need to make sure that you need not get bullied by someone in your life as this week you May feeling a little emotionally weak and you May feel vulnerable. For men, a week for romance as well as you may decide to propose to someone or may decide to be on a more romantic mood regarding the same. There is also a new energy beginning spiritually and you will have a lot to learn and grow.

Gemini May 21 to Jun 20

This week you have got the card of strength indicating that you need to use all your strength mentally, emotionally and physically this week. You will be charging ahead as far as your career is concerned this week and for those who have any test or exam results it is likely to go in your favour says your cards. You will also be taking a lot of mental tension and there will be some mental anxiety for the future and you will have to learn to keep your mind a bit calm on that front

Cancer Jun 21 to Jul 22

You will want to charge ahead with certain speed and decisions but you need to be a bit more patient regarding the same. You may have very high expectations as far as your love life is concerned or family life is concerned as right now your Saturn planet is running a bit weak and you will need to still wait for your justice and something to move in your favour. Time is the best healer and you need to wait for time to be in your favour.

LEO Jul 23 to Aug 22

You have got some new career opportunities and something is looking quite bright and happy on the horizon says your cards and the planet Mars. You are thinking of connecting with someone but you are a bit hesitant to move ahead regarding the same and you are lacking some strength on the same. You will fulfil your family responsibilities well and do what is required for you duty wise. You need to be cautious about your health this week.

Virgo Aug 23 to Sep 22

There will be a new practical beginning and even on the personal front you will be looking for some positive changes but you need to wait a bit and think of how you want to plan your life. You will be committed to everything that pursues in your life and even on the love front you may give someone a commitment for marriage. You will definitely benefit on the financial front and even some blocked money can come through.

Libra Sep 23 to Oct 22

You may get into an argument with someone and you may land up losing your cool or patience but this will not be favourable to you at the moment as your rahu planet is not really favouring you at the moment. You will be making a lot of sacrifices for your family at the moment and may do something special for kids as well. You will also have some
positive expectations as far as your travel plans are concerned and that could go in your favour.

Scorpio Oct 23 to Nov 21

There are certain obstacles at the moment so you be feeling a little stuck up at the moment as you have got the card of the devil. You may also be thinking a lot about the past and will be thinking about what did not exactly work in your favour. On the financial front, you need to be a little bit patient and you need to balance out your personal life and professional life and even balance your family life. You may decide to connect with an old friend or someone you have lost touch with says your planet mercury.

Sagittarius Nov 22 to Dec 21

You be feeling a bit heartbroken at the moment and thinking about what is bothering you this week. You are thinking about the future a lot and will be worrying regarding the same says your cards. You may be feeling a bit cheated this week and you will be not having much confidence about certain projects or opportunities that may have not worked out in your favour. You will still get some good news in the week so there is something to smile about and some silver lining.

Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 19

Some new practical or financial beginning definitely looks possible and positive this week as you have got the card of the page of pentacles. You may decide to commit to someone or take your relationship to the next level and you may also introduce your partner to your family or may admit to your family there is someone special in your life. Work opportunities seem more positive and possible this week as your sun planet is well placed.

Aquarius Jan 20 to Feb 18

You will be thinking quite deeply and strongly about your future and will be also growing spiritually says your cards. You are in a better space mentally this week and that will surely help you says your card of the world. Your travel plans could also materlise for you and this will be good for you and will make you smile. This week you will feel more complete in your world and life in general. You may decide to connect with someone in your family and see if you can help him or her.

Pisces Feb 19 to Mar 20

You may be thinking about love and personal relationships say your cards. You may be feeling a bit guilty about hurting someone so it is important that you admit your mistake and apologise for the same. If you feel that way says your cards. You are also thinking about moving ahead and charging ahead in your career and that will benefit you greatly this week if you continue to stay focused. It is important to take care of your health this week as your Saturn is running a bit weak.

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