Horoscope News: Knowing what may happen in the future helps you to be ready for any event

Aries Mar 21 to Apr 19

This week seems to have a lot of action for you . on the personal front it will be a time of change as your mars are changing for the better. the change will settle marriage issues and will help even in love life problems. you will be focussing on your professional life as well and there will be some new opportunities on the horizon. on the health front, fitness and diet will be important to you. your social calendar will be quite busy.

Taurus Apr 20 to May 20

Being stubborn is a good thing but being over stubborn could get you into some kind of trouble. your sun planet is shining this week so that will help you on the professional front especially for those who are just starting out. these few days you need to learn to go with the flow and believe in the power of the universe. what you give out is what you will get to try and keep your energies positive. health needs a bit of attention as you have drawn the card of the tower which means health issues could be there.

Gemini May 21 to Jun 20

Travel is surely indicated in your cards and there could be some good news as well if you go abroad. for students a good time as far as studies are concerned and you will be looking at even studying further. for those wanting to change jobs right now, your Saturn planet is a bit weak which means some delays could be coming your way. Don't worry as gods delays are not gods denials. for those who work involves creativity, this is a good time to put out your plans into action. on the marriage front if you are single and are looking at arranged marriage this would be a good time to start seeing proposals.

Cancer Jun 21 to Jul 22

Money flow will be good this week as you will spend and earn money as well says your card empress. women will be in the mood to pamper themselves. you will be connecting with certain family members this week. an old flame will try and get in touch with you this week it is up to you how you want to handle the situation. this week your Jupiter planet is quite strong which will give you a spiritual growth as well. you will be inclined towards yoga and meditation. for those who are single and are in search of true love, you will have to wait for a little while.

LEO Jul 23 to Aug 22

You have got the card of the world which means this a good week on the work front, maybe even a deep desire of you could get fulfilled. life seems to be getting better for you and you seem to have good control over your life in general. you have been working very hard on a particular project and this week sees that coming through. you have got the card of 2 of cups so you will try and find harmony and peace in most situations.

Virgo Aug 23 to Sep 22

It's now or never this week as far as many decisions are concerned, especially on the professional front. you will see a rise and good fame as your Jupiter shifts into a positive position. in case you want to clear old debts, this is a good period as you might have some excess funds. there could be some legal issues that you need to sort out and it will take a while. as far as shifting to a new home you have drawn the card of the sun and will be glowing. suddenly there could be some relationship coming your way.

Libra Sep 23 to Oct 22

You are quite happy with certain changes that are taking place in your life, your Uranus planet does help you as far as certain professional decisions are concerned. on the personal front, there could be some differences with your partner but overall you will stick with your commitment. for some, a move to a new country is indicated. there could also be some good news in the family and certain couples might be blessed with children. the money will be good and you will decide to spend more money on yourself than others.

Scorpio Oct 23 to Nov 21

A penny saved is a penny earned and you need to think about saving some money this week. Yes, money flow is there but expenses are also sky high. for those looking at getting married this week seems to be a good period to make a marriage decision. for singles, a friendship could turn into love as you have drawn the card of the two of cups. your stars indicate that your mars will be strong which will help you to remain strong emotionally but will also get you, certain hidden enemies.

Sagittarius Nov 22 to Dec 21

When in doubt never make a major decision, it is always better to think things through before you decide what is the final verdict. this week the advice from the cards say that in love be patient as things will fall into place. your stars also are changing but gradually that why you need to be patient. remember patience is a virtue and few live by it. the good news is that some pending payment comes in this week.

Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan 19

You finally have realized that you have strong feelings for someone but you are not sure how to go about the entire process. you need to be upfront and admit what is truly in your heart. your cards indicate there could be some family pressure and there could also be some delays at work. Don't worry this is a passing phase and you will be seeing some good results. there is some inner growth for the better as you grow emotionally stronger. your planet sun is a bit weak so there could be some health issues that you need to take care of. for those wanting to study abroad or work in a new country you just might get the opportunity this week.

Aquarius Jan 20 to Feb 18

Look before you leap is the advice given to you this week. You need to carefully weigh the pros and cons and need to make sure you are confident about certain decisions. for some, there is a new business or business opportunity on the horizon. you have got the card of 5 of cups meaning you will be thinking about the past and will be thinking about the mistakes you have made. some of you might be busy preparing your marriage.

Pisces Feb 19 to Mar 20

Nothing lasts forever and no one better than you would understand this. you will be a little disappointed with certain things ending but remember that only when certain things end do new things begin. work will be busy and your cards say you might use that as a distraction. you planet Venus is well placed which will give you the support of your life partner and if there were some issues on the love front, it is likely to get sorted out this week. health will be good as many of you will be concentrating on your fitness and lifestyle changes.

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