Some quick and easy Mehendi designs for little girls

7 Simple & Cute Mehendi Designs For Little Girls

Mehendi also known as Henna, is a paste with positive spirits & good lucks.

Henna tattoos placed on the palms are said to allow the person having it done to be able to receive and offer blessings.

There are 4 types of Henna:- Black Henna, Red Henna, Natural Henna, Herbal Henna.

There are different mehendi designs for different cultures:-
1. Indian Mehendi design
2. Pakistani Mehendi design
3. Arabic Mehendi design
4. Indo – Arabic Mehendi design
5. Moroccan Mehendi design
6. Contemporary Mehendi design
7. African Mehendi design

Choosing cute Mehendi designs for little girls is important.

There are many Mehendi designs that are easy & simple and can be done within less time.

Here are some cute Mehendi designs for little girls:-
1. Their favourite cartoon character.
2. Floral pattern.
3. Arabic pattern
4. Butterfly design
5. Dotted Henna pattern
6. Peacock design
7. Traditional design.

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