Here are some tips to help you pick sunglasses for summer season

How to choose perfect sunglasses for summer season?

When it comes to buying sunglasses considering your face shape & size is important.

Also you need to consider different aspects like frame shape, lenses, colour and so on.

Sunglasses not only protect us from UV radiations but also give us a stylish look.

There are different types of frames available like:-

1. Oval.

2. Cat-eye.

3. Pilot or aviator.

4. Semi-Rimless.

5. Way-farer.

There are also different types of lenses:-

1. High index plastic lenses.

2. Glass lenses.

3. Polycarbonate.

4. Polarized.

5. Photo chromic lenses.

6. Lens coating.

1) Green lenses: Green lenses absorb 85% of visible light & block out most of blue light.

2) Plastic lenses: The plastic Ray-Ban lenses is best in transitioning from dark to light with precise chemical process.

3) Dark lenses: All the dark lenses are not good at protecting our eyes from UV radiations.

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