Know more, How Does Clothing Reflect Cultures?

How Does Clothing Reflect Cultures?

Clothing, an essential need for human life. As the years pass by, there is a number of trends. So far we have seen a number of outfits evolving and emerging as new fashion trends.

Clothing plays an important role in displaying one’s personality. We can learn something about a person by looking at their clothing. Clothing varies from Country to Country and place to place. A clothing style reveals a lot about their customs, beliefs, tradition, and cultures.

Each and every culture have their own style of clothing. Clothing patterns have evolved all through the years, the clothing style of a period can tell us a lot about the people, technology, way of living, values.

When talking about the custom, earlier it was a custom for only men to wear pants. But as the years passed not both, men and women wear pants. Custom is roughly divided into two categories: historical and folk or ethnic custom.

Clothing reflects values, people believe in values that are good and bad. Clothing and economics are related from long back. People exchanged goods and cloth. The Industrial Revolution brought many changes in technology. As the changes appeared the businessmen rejected the frills of upper-class clothing and chose what the standard business suit became.

The white wedding long gown symbolizes western cultures while, in India, brides wear red. The clothing style has never been the same and keeps evolving until now.

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