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Dimple Mehta – The ultimate makeover artist and mentor

Have you ever noticed that beauty pageants actually honor the best candidate on multiple grounds and not really just based on the beauty quotient of a contestant? Questions regarding this have surfaced worldwide time and again and rightly so, because honestly its a difficult combination. One person who has mastered the art of getting this combination right is designer Dimple Mehta.

Beauty is everywhere but everyone defines beautiful differently. So when asked who is the most beautiful, the answer shall be to each its own. Hence, Beauty pageants have a way of defining the ultimate beauty as a single identity with the best combination of likable attributes possessed by the person; and Dimple proves this year on year by grooming the leading winners.

Dimple has groomed and mentored various contestants for beauty pageants and some of her notable mentees include Neha Chudasama who was adjudged Miss Universe in 2018, Adline Castoline who was Miss Universe India for 2020, Pornima Buddhivant Miss Tourism Culture Universe 2019 to represent India.
Tanvi Kharote who was adjudged Miss Earth India 2020 & Shriya Torne who was recently crowned Miss Earth Eco-Tourism for 2020.

Dimple who started her journey with fashion but today boasts the credentials of being a globally renowned makeover artist, mentor, stylist & a sponsor.

Dimple Mehta, the person behind the renowned brand Dimple Amrin has been associated with the fashion industry for over 24 years now. She started off as someone who loved to be fashionable and designed her own outfits and soon started designing outfits for her near and dear ones as well. Today, her experience with the world of fashion involves association with fashion shows across the world. Including the Red Carpet at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. She has created and presented garments at the very prestigious fashion weeks of New York, Paris, London, Cannes, Bangalore & The Arab fashion week among others.

Dimple Mehta was born in London and lived in England and Belgium for 34 years before India. She credits this fact of being a global citizen as the reason behind her success as a Fashion Designer, stylist and a makeover artist.

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