Learn more about Hetal Desai's #VocalForLocal cause

Fashion Designer Hetal Desai supports #VocalForLocal through her designs

While most businesses are either facing or set to face the aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdown, the fashion industry is set for a re-invention, pushing for the ‘vocal for local’ call by the Prime Minister. It means major home-grown designer labels have found the perfect opportunity to develop a sustainable, co-dependent market to keep the business going.

Hetal Desai, a Melbourne based Fashion Designer, who originally hails from Gujarat, is vouching for PM Narendra Modi’s Vocal for Local campaign through her designs. Hetal manages her business in India with the help of her mom and her sister along with a big team comprising of craftsmen and labourers. Hetal opted for this career right after her marriage and signed up for a fashion designing program from BRDS, Ahmedabad. Soon after gaining enough experience, Hetal started her clothing line named VEER FASHION STUDIO.

Recently, she took to her social media to share a post along with a note which says, “We’re honoured and humbled that our work helps strengthen our country’s artisanal economy. It’s our duty to match their determination with steadfast efforts, increase awareness, and encourage greater acceptance of the inimitable beauty of their crafts. This time demands us to be more mindful now more than ever and this brings us a ray of hope in this crucial time as a community to support and enrich the lives of artisans”.

Hetal Desai is best known for designs that focus on Indian traditions and culture. She is also specialised in making Rabari dresses, a special community-based outfit and lehenga cholis for women and kids of all age groups.
Currently, Hetal is working on her upcoming designs and unveiled her latest collection of Chaniya Choli infused with an evergreen combination of red and green, which will enhance the beauty of any Sangeet Rasam or Navratri.

Indian Fashion Designers have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the world of Fashion. The scope of Fashion Designing today is a lot better than what it was previously. Hetal started her career as a fashion designer at a very young age and is currently paving her to success.

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