Give yourself a perfect meeting look with these tips

How to give yourself a perfect look for an office video meeting?

The global pandemic has stopped the world. Many people are working from home as part of social distancing.

Video conferences bring a unique set of consideration from lighting to room decor here’s what you need to check out before hitting “call”.

“Everyone thinks they know what they’re doing but they’ve never been trained to do it, ” says Paul J. Bailo, author of The Essential Digital Interview Handbook.

The following tips will surely work for both men as well as female of any age & will surely give you confidence to connect via video. Here are some tips for looking like a pro:

1. Get the right light.

2. Watch your angle.

3. Look presentable.

4. Look behind you.

5. Minimize distractions.

6. Be prepared.

Do not play with your hair, scratch your nose or rub your eyes, or stick fingers in your ears! Wait for the whole conference meeting to end. Resist looking at yourself in the small corner of your camera.

When it comes to clothing, avoid patterns, stripes and plaids. Check your appearance once before signing in.

A good way to check your set up is to start up video app and take a screenshot.

Use your best judgment and dress the same way as you would get dressed if you were going to the office.

But the most important thing when you’re on a video call, is to be yourself that way, you’ll present the best view of yourself that you can.

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