The ideal embodiment of youthful, high-octane glamour—the type of muse who can wear a sparkly purple draped mini-dress as naturally as a T-shirt

High-octane glamour in Germany embodied by Baroness Marina von Lison

The Russian fashion brand Sol Angelann has been from the beginning, highly loved by all fashionistas in the world and no one red carpet high-class event is held without celebrities wearing sparkling Swarovski crystals dresses, lovely named diamond dress. Renowned world Top Stylists sometimes have a very difficult task not to bring together two or more fashionistas in the same diamond dress to the same red carpet or AmFar party as the demand is surprisingly high.

The brand is heavily spreading out through the world, and we cannot be more than happy to finally welcome Sol Angelann in Germany. Wonderful news!

Due to close friendship with the co-owners and fashion designers of the Parent company Maison D´Angelann Anna Chibisova and Angelika Svytash, and Irena Soprano – the owner of the Russian Luxury dressmaker´s Solo Atelier in the heart of Moscow city, Marina Baroness von Lison in Jan 2020 started to officially represent in Germany and Switzerland, the Russian Luxury Fashion Brand Sol Angelann which creates unique fabulous and ready-to-wear dresses using real Swarovski crystals in every possible color and design.

“Why these countries you ask? The answer is very simple: historically the German speaking area has been always a hub for all high-class gala dinners, royal noble balls like the traditional Viennese Opera Ball, the famous Spring Ball in the German Wiesbaden with architecture from the Wilhelminian Era, charity auctions with lots of famous high society and the most beautiful and elegant ladies wearing the best haute couture dresses.” –Marina Baroness von Lison.

We all know that evening dresses should be available for everyone. And the Sol Angelann brand is a particularly great supplier of marvelous evening dresses. Everyone will get their money’s worth here. Are you a real fashion victim and you definitely don’t want off-the-shelf fashion?

“Just imagine how sparkling and special you feel when you put on the dress with millions twinkling crystals and go out for dinner or visit a Charity Gala. All eyes are just on you!”-Marina Baroness von Lison.

Not only Hollywood celebrities are fond of our sparkling fashion and choose it for red carpet events but also many women who want to feel special and have a dress that makes sure they will look like a million bucks.

Sol Angelann uses couture’s key color statements—ruby red, violet, and English green—as a springboard for velvet down-filled gala dresses, crystal-buttoned blazers and mini black dresses with epaulets, and with Swarovski crystals embroidered stiletto shoes. This fleshed-out tonal groupings offer a nice conceptual twist to the usual approach.

For all their faithful customers Sol Angelann works only with trustworthy strong partners around the world and have now boutiques in Moscow, Kiev, Dubai, Katar, Paris and we are thrilled to announce that they offer since End 2020 sparkling dresses also in Munich, Germany.

“We aim to open further boutiques in Berlin, Düsseldorf and the Swiss Zurich and Geneva as perfectly located and very well known among fashionistas from all over the world, as these countries have lots of beautiful refined ladies who ideally look in sparkling diamond dresses from us. I had first several appearances in Diamond Dresses on some international events and simply fell in love with the beautiful design, high quality and feminine silhouettes. Afterwards my good friend and one of the 2 brand`s owner, Anna Chibisova asked me if I would like to represent a brand in Germany and I was like why not? Fashion has always been one of my passions”- Marina Baroness von Lison

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