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Jeanette Mesquita – Fashion blogging – from passion to profession

Jeanette Mesquita sat down yesterday to talk about how Fashion and her love for it, changed her life completely and her journey as a blogger. “Fashion was always my calling, I just never realized it. When I was younger I thought my only shot at going into the fashion industry was to become a designer, which was a big ‘no’ for me because I was never any good at drawing or sketching. I never thought playing dress-up could be an actual job!” Jeanette was not exposed to the world of blogging up until college and so, never chased this dream of hers. When she came to Bangalore, she started to explore the world of Blogging and she knew she had to give it a shot. The first two years were slow and then she decided to go big by monetizing her content.

Styling was a kind of therapy or a stress buster for Jeanette and after a while, like a dream come true, it became her way of livelihood. “It was sheer luck,” she explains “that I happened to be good at something I loved. The best thing in the world is when you genuinely love the job you do.”
Jeanette Mesquita’s outlook on Fashion stands on 3 pillars – Sustainability, Comfort and Balance! “I feel like fashion should be sustainable, you can ALWAYS style the same clothes in different ways and wear them multiple times. They just need the right kind of tweaking. Another thing is you have got to be comfortable carrying the clothes you wear at all times because with comfort comes confidence because if your dress feels too short, your heels too tight then you won’t carry it well. Try pushing your boundaries but also remember to stay in your niche. The last pointer is not coming off too strong with your fashion, balancing the look. The three levels: High, Medium and Light have to be synced in my opinion. Supposing your dress is very bold, keep the makeup minimal and the jewelry medium.”

For someone who experiments so much with her outfits, we asked Jeanette if she had a ‘go-to’ lookbook. “Oh I love experimenting! From ethnic to western to formal I absolutely love trying out new things. My most favorite is trying out new colour schemes. But if I have to choose a go-to look, then my casual look would be a high-waist skirt, crop top, boots and a bag. And for a formal event I would wear a high-waist skirt again, formal crop top, blazer and stilettos.”

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