Indian saree types you need to know

From Kanjivaram To Banarasi Sarees: All you need to know about Indian sarees

Traditional saree came from many different regions of India and saree is a garment that is weaved with many threads of traditions within Indian culture.

Almost every state in India has its own variety of different fabric of saree. Some famous sarees like Banarasi Saree, Paithani Saree, Patola Saree, Kanjeevaram Silk Saree and much more, they are crafted in different ways and different embroidery techniques.

Some saree types:

  1. Assam Silk Saree.
  2. Banarasi Silk Saree.
  3. Bandhani Saree.
  4. Bhagalpuri Saree.
  5. Bomkai Saree.
  6. Chanderi Saree.
  7. Dhakai Saree.
  8. Kalamkari Saree.
  9. Kantha Saree.
  10. Kanchipuram Saree.
  11. Kota Saree.
  12. Leheriya Saree.
  13. Paithani Saree.
  14. Patola Saree.
  15. Tant- Cotton Saree from Bengal.

These are some of the best saree arts from India.

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