What do you think, how will fashion look post lockdown? Would it get a big boost or would we be one-two decades back?

Know About The Future Of Fashion Post Lockdown!

Out of all industries, one industry to have been hit the most is the fashion industry. Working from home has become our new trend, and quarantine has brought the PJ’s fashion back in the pattern. This lockdown might set to become the new world order. Due to drastic and sudden changes, there has been a shift in global consumption.

There has been a considerable change in choices of consumption, lifestyle, and many more. For instance, there would be no need for lipstick anymore as one has to wear a mask to protect themselves from the virus. So is it safe to say the mask has become our new lipstick? Should we consider Mask an essential part of our accessory? We have seen people wearing masks to suit their outfit of the day or to match the color scheme of their costumes. There has been a trending fashion where we see the groom and bride wearing masks in marriages being held during the lockdown. Has a mask become a style more than an essential piece?

We have all been compelled to invest in things that are sustainable, practical, and sensible. And so we see immediately all the designer masks have started to trend. Another change in the fashion we have seen is wearing a blazer for a meeting and pairing it with your regular boxers or PJ’s because who’s going to look at the other half?
While what is trending in quarantine, there is going to be more shift in fashion post lockdown. Two things might happen- people might rush to stores after being not able to shop for months, or people are going to opt for sustainable use and avoid buying due to the scare of an ongoing pandemic. But there is one thing for sure bound to happen, and that is there will be no more faux pas in fashion.

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