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London Based Fashion Designer Ibriz Akhtar is a fashionista and a trendsetter in fashion world

Ibriz Akhtar is a London based fashion designer and fashionista. A Gemini born and brought in London, she has come a long way in establishing herself as a fashion expert. Even when we have not heard about influencers in social media, she has ruled the world of people looking for new trends in fashion. She loves life and is fond of travelling to explore the world of fashion and new trends surrounding the world.

Her teenage years have made her understand about fashion and she loved exploring them all.
She soon started her Instagram handle and talks about fashion and designs, which sown the seed of becoming an ace fashion designer. She uses her enthusiasm and zeal in her designs and work, which are very well reflected in her Instagam posts making her a fan instantly.
That’s why in her last six years on Instagram, she was able to rope in more than 300K followers on her page. She focuses on designing something worthy that can impress anyone. And the best part is, her designs and fashion outfits remain affordable by all without going too heavy on their pockets.

She is a trendsetter and a fashionista when it comes to coming out with the right match of outfits and designs. She has made herself very popular with her gorgeous smile and incredible personality, which are also reflected in her fashion. Besides, she also has an expertise in skills like social media marketing, visual and apparel merchandising. She knows the best strategies when it comes to market her outfits and designs. Personally she loves to remain natural with minimal makeup. However, her style in her dress collection and accessories can kill anyone coming across.

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