Best snaps of Monali Thakur and Anushka Manchanda that will leave you spellbound

Monali Thakur And Anushka Manchanda’s HOTTEST Pictures Captured Over The Years

Monali Thakur, who has won several awards from National Film Award to Filmfare, is one of the industry’s best music artists. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage singer comes from a musical family where her father, Shaki Thakur, is a professional singer and Bengali actor. Over the years, Monali Thakur has caught the public eye not just for her soothing sweet voice but also for some great fashion sense. She is a cute looking doll who has posted many sizzling hot pictures on Instagram.

Here are some pictures of Monali Thakur from her vacation trips to home selfies that make her look cute and sweet.

If you love Khatron Ke Khiladi, then you must be familiar with the winner of season 2, Anushka Manchanda. She has also taken part in reality shows like Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa and Bigg Boss. This singer, actor, and model made her debut in 2004 singing for the Tamil film industry. She is quite popular for some famous tracks, as well as her excellent fashion sense.

Anushka Manchanda is quite bold when it comes to fashion and shares mind-blowing photos on her Instagram handle. She has posted several hot pics in which she looks gorgeous and utterly breathtaking. From bikinis to sarees, here are some fantastic pictures.


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Shringar : Adornment 🌸 Every morning, or afternoons when I wake up late, I bathe, then I lovingly massage my skin with oils..coconut 🥥 or pomegranate, wear my beautiful clothes that have been packed away for so long, add jewels on my body💎 , put fallen feathers in my hair, and on some days I paint my face, extending the dots tattooed around my eyes and chin into trying-to-be-symmetrical tribal patterns. I use different scents for my day jasmine, another citrus🍋, maybe coffee.. I’ve always been working from home, now more than ever because my studio is right next to my bedroom. That was more the absent professor vibe : no meals no shower no day or night. So this is a real change for me. A really lovely one! I am considering what this all means, and why it makes me feel good. Is it a subconscious adaptation to this lockdown and isolation? I have felt myself expanding with the power of the feminine in the last year as never before, so is it a part of my personal growth? How I got here..could be either, or both. However, it feels like what I’m doing..this time I am giving myself about self love. I’m not doing this for anybody else but myself. I am aware that this could sound superficial, however this process has become my time with myself separate from what I must allot to take care of my body and my mind ✨ I am connecting more with the feminine, I am caring even less (if that was possible) about societal norms and expectations. I am building my world around me as I wish to see it, to be in it 🧬🧿 Sharing this with you as a kind of a hack to lockdown blues, if you wanna try it..going nowhere but adorning yourself..adoring yourself..with your daily shringar 🌺 As I type this, the last week I have had no time to do this because 2 of my kittens are unwell and every day has been a day at the vet, mask wearing, social distancing, sanitizing, you know the drill. And I actually miss it! 🌧 Well, here I am as pink frangipani 🌸 #lockdownblossoming

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