Jonita Gandhi is one of the highly popular and celebrated vocalists of the Bollywood town. She is an amazing singer and when it comes to style and fashion, Jonita isn’t any less at it. Open hair and low bun look stunning on every woman especially if styled on a saree or Indian look. Jonita Gandhi looked extraordinary and spellbound in the open hair and low bun hairstyle that she had created for her saree looks. In this extract, we shall have a look at the same.

Jonita Gandhi is the prominent artist of Bollywood, greatly heeded across the world and idealized for her remarkable ability, mysterious voice, and achievements. She never dissatisfies her buffs with her music and song tapes. Her execution on and off stage has persisted outstanding no matter what. She constantly makes her lovers delighted every time she generates new music. Along with existing as an extraordinary vocalist she also is an incredible style idol who likes doing style, makeup and who is also fascinated by styling and dyeing her hair. Jonita seems just wonderful in every fashion she does. All her hairdos and hair color match her individuality and all-around look very adequately. Jonita also possesses incredible taste in style. She has got an impressive assortment of clothing and other stylish accessories. Gandhi looked equally appealing in both of her hairstyles i.e. in a low bun and open hair. So it would be a bit difficult to choose one, so what do you think which hairstyle suited Jonita Gandhi the most in a saree, is it open hair or low bun?

Image Credit: Instagram