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Style Guide For College Guy

When it comes to style, college guys are the ones who never fail to impress us. Today let us talk about the same for the young guys who can take style tips for college years.

1. Confidence- It doesn’t matter what you have and what you don’t. The thing that matters is how self-confident you are. If you have a confident attitude you can be more stylish. Always remember self-confidence is as important as your fashion.

2. Nail the fit-You may be comfortable with oversized outfits you wear at home. But whenever you go for any event, avoid wearing oversized, dizzy or dirty clothes. If any outfit doesn’t fit you don’t buy it. Instead go for something that will fit you as well as look good on you.

3. Don’t spend too much- If you are looking for trendy outfits and find out that it is too expensive, do not spend too much on it. Instead get something suitable for you and make a statement.

4. Never go out of style- Never buy anything like odd colour, tight clothes, and fabric when you choose. Like a blazer or sweatshirt or hoodie never goes out of style, choose the right colour.

5. Level up your footwear- Just like your belt, your footwear matters. People judge quickly by just looking at your footwear, so even if you are well dressed your footwear plays an important role.

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