Outfits to wear in monsoon

Style Your Monsoon Outfits In Perfect Black and Whites!

We are often confused on what to wear during monsoon. The clothes get often dirty when we go out. Wearing a light coloured outfit is perfect during monsoon. But sometimes we should even go for dark colours to try something new during the light coloured outfit trends.

Here are few tips to style in Black and White during Monsoon-

1. T-shirt Dress- Go for a short knee length with full black and white strips on it.

2. Shorts and Blazer- Wear shorts and blazer suit keep it formal as well as trendy. You can even wear it for monsoon parties as well as workplace.

3. Black Skinny trousers- Wear black skinny trousers instead of denim during these monsoon days.

4. Culottes- You can even go for black culottes to make your look more chic.

5. Striped shirt- Wear a striped shirt instead of simple shirt.

6. Plain white top- Wear a plain white simple top for a classy look.

7. Checked Formal dress- Opt for a checked dress instead of stereotypical formal dresses.

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