Check to see Suga, G-Dragon, Kim Seok-Jin in Stylish Black Outfits

SUGA, G-Dragon, Kim Seok-Jin Know How to Style Black Outfits

Black is ravishing! It undoubtedly draws attention and sparks to it. And today, we are up with Suga, G-Dragon, Kim Seok-Jin’s ramped up black Outfits style, at IWMBuzz. We are loving their looks in the black. Check below to see!


This black outfit looks absolutely perfect on SUGA. He posted the picture congratulating BTS for their grand achievement. The caption stated, “Congratulations BTS For Winning 7 Awards in total at Melon Music Awards tonight”. Yes, that’s true, BTS won 7 total awards on a single night.

2. G-Dragon


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This black suit looks absolutely grand on this Youth style icon. With the beautiful pink hair and cool glasses, he is looking absolutely hot. His Instagram profile is known for abstract art posts. We loved him dearly.

3. Kim Seok-Jin


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매우 섹시하고 잘 생겼다😭💜

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Kim Seok is rocking the show with the sequinned black outfit. He is looking absolutely perfect with the dyed hair and cool looks. We are loving his glowing looks and style. What do you think?

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