Try these trendy shades for 2020

These Trendy Hair Colour Ideas For 2020 You Should Try Right Now

2019 biggest hairstyling trends sound like something off a drink menu: cold brew hair, root beer brown, but the shade of 2020 seems like it’s shaping up to be easy, effortless twists on natural shades. Red velvet is the new 2020 shade.

A hair change! It’s easy, funny and there’s no shortage of cool hair colour trends to try now.

Here are some cool trendy shades:-

  1. Pink shade- If you dare it, you can wear it.
  2. The creamy caramel blonde- The creamy caramel blond hue is probably one of the trendiest shades of 2020.
  3. Golden highlights- Super blended golden highlight and lowlights are the key shades for recreating the shade.
  4. Chocolate brown hair trend- Give your hair a new look by giving it some depth by going for deep, rich chocolate brown shade.

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