Gear up for revolution in the beauty industry

TWENTY BEAUTY to grace the beauty industry with a revolutionary concept

In today’s world, many start-ups have revolutionized the industries with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and the latest technology solutions in the nearer future, thus being preceded to reign in all sectors.

Beauty hoarders turned beautypreneurs Jyotsna and Santhoshi Reddy have announced their venture of India’s first-ever cosmetics vending machine that left everyone shocked as it is not only a techno innovation but also a beauty revolution. They are to reach your nearest airports, metro stations, and shopping mall to give an absolute phenomenal shopping experience. Currently, they plan to expand this distinctive option in all metropolitan cities.

Speaking of vending machines, these aren’t any ordinary ones that you see in a typical grocery store. These ultra rad vending machines glisten in pink and flaunt big labels which make it a total show stopper. In the previous era, teens typically wanted to indulge in vending machines in an arcade that gave toffees or toys in return with token or money. But now you will find them goofing around shopping malls looking for cute boys and makeup. This idea will certainly entice the current generation due to the very conception itself. It is not only a glam-in-go but perhaps also we can now call it a beauty arcade by the very own gen-z makeup brand. Their strive for rich formulation and vision of the brand will be stood as an exemplary practice in the beauty industry.

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